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Plasma Cutters


CNC Warehouse Model # CNCWP-5198 Plasma Cutting Machine
Working Area (X*Y*Z) 51" X 98" X 8"
Processing accuracy 0.01mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.05mm
Power Source 63A,100A Or 200A(China Huayuan Brand)
Machine Features: The height of Z axis is adjusted by arcing voltage
X,Y axis are both rack and pinion transmission
Taiwan linear square guide way,
Strat control system
Teeth worktable
Max Work table loading: 2,200 lbs
Current machine(240V/60Hz, three phase)
Interface: USB
Arc starting way: Contact-less arc starting
Water Chiller
Air Compressor
Max Moving Speed 18,000 mm/min
Driving mode x,y Rack & Pinion
Z Germany rolling ball screw, 
Hiwin square guide rails
Voltage 240 Vac / 3 Phase / 60Hz (Single phase available)
Net weight 3,960 lbs

Sample of models available

Model # Description/Features
Table Sizes Power Supply
51122-(51" X 122") 63A Huanyuan
59118-(59" X 118") 100A Huanyuan
59157-(59" X 157") 160A Huanyuan
200A Huanyuan
45A Hypertherm
65A Hypertherm
85A Hypertherm
105A Hypertherm
200A Hypertherm