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CO/2 Marking Laser-Metal

CO/2 Marking Laser-Metal

Using Flying Route, 24″ X 16″ work area.

Marking and engraving material: Most metals and plastics, including Stainless Steel, aluminum, black/white ABS, carbon fiber, polycarbonate, anodized aluminum, white PEEK, silicon wafers, colored delrin, magnesium

60-130 Watt

Same wave length (1064) as Fiber lasers this CO/2 laser is capable of marking most metals.

Lower wattage lasers (30-50 watt) make a perfect portable devices for marking products such as guns, machine labels, trophy plaques or adding a serial numbers, etc.

Put this portable machine to use. Complete system, nothing else to buy.

Depending on your industry, your ROI could be as little as 24 months. Add your Section 179 IRS Tax deduction and the machines make perfect sense.


CNC Warehouse Model # CNCWLM-XXXX Marking Laser
Max. laser power (W) : 60W 80W 100W
Laser wave-length (um) : 10.6
Laser repetition frequency : ≤25kHz
Standard marking area (mm) : 200mmX200mm 300mmX300mm(optional)
marking depth (mm) : ≤3mm
Marking speed (mm) : ≤7000mm/s
Min. line width (mm): 0.2mm
Min. character size (mm) : 0.5mm
Repetition accuracy (mm) : ±0.01
Power consumed (kW) : <1200W
Electrical source : 220V 50Hz 8A
Cooling system : Water cooling
Software : Win XP + EZCAD marker system
Operating temperature : 0℃—30℃
Weight : 200kg
SpecificationMax. laser power (W): 60W 80W 100W(optional)
Laser wave-length (um): 10.64
Laser repetition frequency: <50kHz
Standard marking area (mm): 200 x 200 or 300 x 300(optional)
marking depth (mm) : <2mm
Marking speed (mm): <7,000
Min. line width (mm): 0.1
Min. character size (mm): 0.4
Repetition accuracy (mm): ±0.01
Power consumed (kW): <1200W
Electrical source: 220V±10% AC, 50Hz,
Cooling system: Water cooling
Software: Win XP + EZCAD marker system
Operating temperature: 0℃—30℃
Weight: 420 Lbs