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Large 63" Wide X 40" deep work table.
Twin Laser heads.


Very Popular! This model is ideally designed for the sign companies. Large work area, twin lasers. Each laser can be selected in software to perform a different level of engraving or cutting. Popular choices of laser is 60/150 watt. 60 Watt for engraving 150 watt for cutting. Perform each one separately. Engrave a design on your material then use the 150 watt to cut it out.

Options include 2 way pass through, a Motorized Z Axis table, red dot pointer and auto focus. Free network friendly premium RD Works V8 software, works with WIN 10, and American Photonics focal lenses.

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Engraving Area 58 x 35in
Work Area 63 x 40in + material pass through
Laser Power 60W, 80W, 100W & 150W power options
Software Interface RDWORKS V8
Machine Dimensions 72"W x 57" Deep x 42"H
Material Capability Organics or non-metals + pre-treated metals
Motor type Nema Stepper
Material platform Equipped with Knife Blade cutting tables
Z table Auto Z-table lowers 10"
Venting Attachments Air exhaust fan with venting pipe
Net Weight 845 lbs.
Gross Power 1500 Watts / 13 Amps
Power Supply AC 110V (220V upon request)
OS Compatibility Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 ,10 (32 or 64 bit)
Software Interface RDWORKS v8 (includes image processing)
Resolution Up to 1000 dpi
Laser / PC Connectivity USB connect
Job Memory Capacity 512mb via. USB flash drive
Crate Dimensions / Gross Weight 74" Deep X 79"W x 50"H
Warranty 12 months (includes parts & CO2 tube)
Class Class 4 laser

Included Accessories

  • Exhaust Fan
  • Air Pump
  • Water pump

Optional Accessories

Roller Style Rotary

Chuck Style Rotary

Honeycomb worktable.