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Accessories Upgrades

Laser Options‎

Motorized Z Table $Included!

Provides up/down movement of work table. Improves the functionality of the machine. Engrave larger items up to 18"

Rotary Chuck Style 1 $560

3-Jaw Chuck 3" X 9.5" Engrave glassware, pens, bottles. Chuck holds small object securely.

Rotary Roller Style 2 $560

Engrave glassware, pens, bottles and bats. Just lay on the surface and let the rollers rotate your material. No chuck or lost key to worry about

HEPA Filtration system $1250

If your machine is in a conditioned space then this Filtration system a perfect choice. Traditional exhaust fans remove considerable amounts of air. Home or Business air conditioning systems will run longer to maintain the space temperature. Filtration systems allow the recycling of the air. Pays for itself the first year.

Doorway pass-through $425

Need to get your larger cabinet laser through a 36" wide doorway. No problem. We will design the machine to allow the top and bottom to split apart. Just place on a furniture dolly and away you go...

Material pass-through $Included!

Need to put material in your machine that is longer or wider than the worktable? Then Material pass-through is what you need. Doors are place in locations that allow you to slide your material under the laser. Engrave a section, side it, engrave the next section. Best way to get the capability of a larger machine and save money.

Honeycomb worktable $350

Knife worktables are standard on all lasers. Unfortunately they allow flexible material such as fabric to fall between the blades. Honeycomb tables are specially made to support these times.

Laser Upgrade $675-9995

Increase your laser size to increase your cutting capability

Laser and matching power supplies
40 Watt $675
60 Watt $875
80 Watt $1425
100 Watt $2050
150 Watt $3825
260 Watt $9995