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Small Fiber Lasers 10-50 Watt

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Solid state Fiber Lasers are a self contained turn-key machine designed specifically to engrave/mark metal. Engravings will not wash off! Markings are actually into the metal.

Fiber Lasers

Fiber Lasers are a perfect way to mark or cut metal.

Common marking techniques utilize CO/2 lasers to darken a spray on coating.

Alternatively only an expensive high maintenance YAG laser was your only choice.

Now Fiber Lasers are the perfect solution. Solid state, requiring little to no maintenance and no expendables.

Utilizing a 1064 wavelength, Marking into the metal or cutting it is possible.

Lower wattage lasers (10-50 watt) make a perfect portable devices for marking products such as guns, machine labels, trophy plaques or adding a serial numbers, etc.

Choosing a larger 500-2000 watt laser will allow the owner to cut 12 mm or greater steel with ease. Providing a finished product straight off the machine without the high clean up required by a plasma cutters.

Depending on your industry, your ROI could be as little as 24 months. Add your Section 179 IRS Tax deduction and the machines make perfect sense.