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Flat Bed Fiber Laser

Flat Bed Fiber Laser
Flat Bed Fiber Laser
Flat Bed Fiber Laser
Flat Bed Fiber Laser
Flat Bed Fiber Laser

500w cutting Titanium

Budget Friendly Fiber Laser

CNCW-5198-FLL 300-1000 watt – Starting at $33,995.00

The CNCWL-5198-FLL is a budget friendly fiber cutting machine, Built using high strength seamless steel for better rigidity, and utilizing high temperature annealing. Provide a rock solid foundation for years of use.

Accompanied by a 300 or 500 watt high quality Raycus Laser source. This system is guaranteed to make your business run smoother, and produce products that do not require additional labor and materials to clean.

Extremely low maintenance, your only expense will be the cutting gases used.

Ball screw and Servo drive system provides smooth running precise motion for exacting requirements.

Software provided is the award winning CypOne Laser Cut. Windows based, easy to use and full featured.

All machines are provided turn-key. Including all shipping, & training.


CNC Warehouse Model # CNCWFL-5198-FLL
Marking scope: 4' X 8' or larger we custom make to your specifications
Cutting depth: 300w- 2.0 mm Stainless Steel/ 3 mm Carbon Steel 500w- 2 mm Stainless Steel/ 3 mm Carbon Steel
Min. line width: 0.02mm
Wavelength: 1064mm
Max.laser average power: 300-1000 Watt
Beam quality m2: <6
Repeat frequency: 30KHz
Cooling style: Industrial Chiller
Electrical source: AC220 VAC 50Hz, 15A
Input power: Depends on laser choice
The outline size of the system: 150" X 73" X 51"
Drive Mode: Ball Screw
Control system: Cyp One
Driving system: Servo Electrical Motors
Software Win XP + EZCAD marker system
Operating temperature: 15°C—35°C
Weight: 2200 lbs


Upgrade to 500 watt Raycus Fiber Generator $9,000.00