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Ghidorah Pro-Professional 4′ X 8′ Worktable, 3-Spindles, Servo Motors

3-3.5 Kw Air Cooled Spindles are standard. Mix and match other sizes to meet your needs. Substitute one to 9 kw. Add a drill bank! The choice is yours.

4′ X 8′ worktable standard- Change to 5′ X 5′ or 5′ X 10′, 12,14 or 18′. You tell us what you need.

Add Loading and unloading tables.

Add a vacuum lifting system..

New Model!

Built to satisfy the needs of the professional Cabinet shop.

This new machine was designed for maximum flexibility and cost savings.

Fast gantry movement with Delta brand servo motors and drivers.

Accurate control with Wiehong’s NK260 control system.

Positioning pins for quick material placement. Saves cycle time. Increases productivity.

Why spend money for a machine with 8 or 10 tools when you normally only use 3 or less per project.

Save your money by purchasing a 3 spindle machine.


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