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The DeskProto Entry edition offers 3D CNC at a very low price

The DeskProto Entry Edition offers all CNC machining options that are present in the Free edition, with a few important additions:

  • Multiple parts in one project
  • Multiple operations in one part
  • Roughing (roughing layers and a roughing skin or allowance) for all three toolpath types.
  • Pocketing and Drilling for Vector machining.

The DeskProto Entry edition is meant for users having a low budget and need an affordable CAM program. Still quite complex models can be produced, like the Coat-of-Arms model shown below (this 3D geometry is a FREE model that you can download).
Hobbyist users and schools that have a bit higher budget can also look at a hobby license / educational license for the DeskProto Multi-Axis edition.


Coat-Of-Arms relief in DeskProto          machined Coat-Of-Arms relief

All in DP Entry: 3D toolpaths for the relief, 2D paths for the name, the clock is a bitmap.

Extra functionality in the DeskProto Entry Edition

The DeskProto Entry Edition is in fact the same program as the two higher editions, however without the advanced parameters meant for the more experienced users. So the number of available options has been reduced for the Entry edition, all other functionality is identical to Expert and Multi-axis. In order to compare all editions you can use the comparison table.

The DeskProto Entry offers al functions listed for the Free edition, with four important additions:

  • Using more than one part makes it possible to for instance create toolpaths for two different halves of a geometry (like the left halve and the right halve of a drilling machine), or to build a high model in separate slices
  • Using more than one operation makes it possible to create operations for roughing, finishing and detailing a a part
  • Roughing layers are required when the part is higher than the cutting length of the cutter. For many materials using layers will be needed anyway to keep the cutting forces acceptable. Using a roughing skin will lead to a higher quality of the resulting surface.
  • Pocketing means removing all material within a closed curve (vector machining). For instance when machining a logo like the DeskProto logo in the image above.

All DeskProto editions share the same easy-to-use interface. All editions can read each other’s project files, so after upgrading to the Expert Edition all projects created with Entry still can be opened. Obviously we offer users of the Entry edition a special upgrade price when buying a higher edition.




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