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The DeskProto Free edition offers basic CAM functionality (without any time-limitation). Nevertheless all toolpath types for your CNC milling machine are available:

  • Vector machining based on a drawing in a DXF, EPS or AI file.
  • Geometry machining based on the geometry in an STL file.
  • Bitmap machining based on a picture in a bitmap file (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF).

In the DeskProto Free edition you can create projects with one part and one operation, using a limited number of parameters. No limitations in file size or complexity. This enables you to create many types of parts, and for many users it will be sufficient to satisfy their needs.

DeskProto screenshot: 2D DXF drawing with toolpathsmachined X-mas tree postcard

Vector machining in the Free edition: profiling toolpaths for a small X-mas tree, based on a DXF drawing.

Functionality in the DeskProto Free Edition

The DeskProto Free Edition is in fact the same program as the other three editions, however offering only basic CAM functionality. So the number of available options has been reduced for the Free edition, all other functionality is identical for the Entry and Expert editions. In order to compare all editions you can use the Comparison table.

The following functions are available in DeskProto Free (for one part and one operation):

  • Profiling toolpaths over Vector data, with machining depth and free movement height
  • Vector toolpath support tabs
  • Parallel toolpaths over Geometry data
  • Distance between the toolpaths, and step size along the toolpath for geometry machining
  • Creating a 3D relief based on Bitmap data
  • Scaling, mirroring and rotating all CAD data
  • Defining and selecting cutters
  • Speeds: feed rate and spindle speed.

DeskProto screenshot: bottle with toolpathsDeskProto screenshot: shell with toolpaths

Left Geometry machining in the Free edition: toolpaths for half a bottle, based on an STL geometry. Right Bitmap machining in the Free edition: this 3D relief is based on the JPG image shown.


In addition to the parameters for calculating toolpaths that were just mentioned, the Free edition includes all additional functionality to make it an easy to use program:

  • Simulate what the resulting part will look like
  • Estimate the machining time
  • Choose a user-interface: wizard or dialog-based
    (or create a project with the wizard and then fine-tune using the dialogs)
  • Freely add machine-definitions
  • Configure your own postprocessor (if needed).

Download and install DeskProto to test all this on your own milling machine.

All DeskProto editions share the same easy-to-use interface.

All editions can read each other’s project files, so after upgrading to the a higher edition all projects created with the Free edition still can be opened.

The V7 Edition select dialogThe trial cross in a simulation

The Edition select dialog offers the Free edition, the other editions can be started in trial mode.

Evaluating the other DeskProto editions

The DeskProto Free edition invites you to evaluate the three higher editions: Entry, Expert and Multi-Axis. These can be selected in the “Edition select” dialog, shown above, that is displayed each time you start your DeskProto Free edition. You can use each of these editions in trial mode: a trial cross watermark will be visible, both on screen and in the resulting toolpaths. For a geometry and a bitmap relief this cross is a visible indent on the part (see the image above), when vector machining the toolpaths are simply interrupted (not present) below the trial cross.
This trial use allows you to completely test the software, using your own CAD data and on your own machine, before deciding whether or not to buy a license for one of the higher editions.


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