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Introduction of new machine

Hello everyone,

Here at CNC Warehouse we often get people purchasing a Laser machine for the first time. We also specialize on new businesses who need something to get started.

The first question becomes what machine do they need? The answer of course is determined by the purpose intended. This is easier said than done. Most companies need Acrylic, wood engraving or cutting along with metal cutting. This presents a small problem. CO2 lasers can do both, but the metal capability is very low.  People end up either choosing one over the other or purchasing two machines. The later is very expensive.

So…..We decided to try and find a solution.

Just released is a Combo machine that includes a 300 or 500 watt  fiber laser for cutting metal along with a 150 watt CO2 laser for everything else.

Saving the customer thousands!

I’ve uploaded a short video showing the multi laser head in action. Check it out!!


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