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Starfire SF-HC25K THC Plasma Automatic Torch Height Controller



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Starfire SF-HC25K THC Plasma Automatic Torch Height Controller

StarFire SF-HC25G SF-HC25K THC Plasma Height Controller


  • 32-bit ARM and two 3-digit display tubes enable digital control. Without linear regulator components, its
    stability is dramatically improved.
  • Velocity and parameters can be modified according to your power supply and lifting mechanism.
  • Its circuit uses patch technology. There are no adjustable devices inside. Full digital control technology ensures high reliability.
  • Easy Operation: Two digital tubes display given arc voltage and actual arc voltage respectively. There are 3 knobs to do parameter settings and operations.
  • Simple Interface: It is suitable for all plasma cutting CNC systems. And it can be used alone.
  • Proximity switch used as initial positioning way.
  • PWM output and 255-level adjustable speed enable precise control of motor speed. It features several current settings and short-circuits protection.
  • Anti-Collision Function: When the cutting nozzle touches the steel plate, the controller can quickly move your cutter higher to
    protect the nozzle.
  • Excellent Compatibility: All inputs and outputs are optically isolated. Plasma voltage feedback uses a linear opt isolator and independent isolated power supply and is compatible with various plasma power supplies.
  • With arcing judgment function and successful arcing feedback function.


  • Power Supply: DC24V±10%, 3A
  • Compatible Motor: 24V DC motor
  • Drive Mode: PWM
  • Output Current: < Input current of power supply
  • Initial Positioning Method: Proximity Switch (normally open closed through jumper cap settings)
  • Highest Control Accuracy: ±1V
  • Controller Size: 145 x 90 x 42mm
  • Panel Size: 120 x 55 x 40mm
  • Working Environment Temperature: – 10 to 60℃
  • Detection System: Isolated arc voltage divider board


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