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Smoke Purification Fume Extractor C100



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Smoke Purification Fume Extractor C100

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These fume purifying and filtering system is for cleaning of both particles and gases. It’s designed to filter the harmful substances, such as hydrocarbon and cyanide, during the process of soldering, tin dipping in the solder pot, laser marking, and carving, printing, etc.  It catches harmful smoke with freestanding ducts and adjustable air volume to significantly improve your working environment.

 It has a triple-filter system:

  • Pre-filter: The large size pad filter can filter large particles of dust.
  • Middle filter: It filters the bigger powders for prolonging the main filter’s life.
  • Main filter: It includes HEPA (high efficiency) filter and gas filter.
  • The HEPA cleans the gas and powders filtering from the pre-filter and then carry them to the gas filter, which with the carbon and other chemical combination, filters off the deleterious substance and then outputs the clean air.


  • Model C100
  • Voltage 110V/220V
  • Power 80W
  • Systemic Flow 250m3/h
  • Inlet Flange 75mm
  • Filtering Efficiency 0.3m 99.97%
  • Noise 50dB
  • Dimensions L425xW250xH480mm
  • Weight 15Kg

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