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RichAuto A18 4 Axis Controller

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RichAuto A18 4 Axis Controller

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Product feature

  •  DSP operation core, faster computing and stronger processing capability.
  •  16 operation keys: easy to learn and use
  •  Self-contained display screen, full offline operation
  •  Internal storage, support to read U disk.
  •  The hand-held controller has “U flash disk mode” to be used like a flash disk by connecting to PC.
  •  Definable 8 pairs of I/O interfaces
  •  Support G-code, PLT, DXF format files which generated by various CAD/CAM software
  •  Multi-coordinate memory function. Provide 9 work coordinates system
  •  Intelligent pre-reading of documents to improve processing efficiency
  •  Intelligent memory function: support power lost and breakpoint processing
  •  Parameter backup and restore function
  •  Two kinds of operation modes to ensure quality and efficiency.
  •  Security checking & alarm guarantee the safety of production
  •  More convenient encryption and decryption function, stop worrying about forgetting passwords
  •  Support remote maintenance and system upgrade
  •  Support multiple languages, free switching


Product Parameters

Product Model RichAuto-A1X
Built-in Memory 512Mb
Screen 128*64Monochrome


Communication Port U Disk
Number of Linkage Axes 1-4 axes
Control Signal Differential signal
Drive System Stepping/Servo Motor
Minimum Input Unit 0.001mm
Power Failure Protection Support
Breakpoint Processing


Power Supply DC 24V
Manual Mode Continue、Step、Distance
Interpolation Method Line、Arc
Soft/Hard Limit Support
Maximum Pulse Frequency 1MHz
Password Protection Support
Language Simplified/Traditional Chinese, English
Standard Configuration DSP Handle;50-pin Cable、8 I/O Interface Board,USB Cable


Installation Size

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Supported Axis

3 or 4




24 VDC