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Fuling Frequency Inverter DZB312 5L2DK



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Fuling Frequency Inverter DZB312 5L2DK

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Designed for the carving machining industry. It will adopt wave pulse width vector control technology. Specialized macro code function built-in, it’s easy for installation and debugging, and reasonable wiring technology makes it stable and reliable.

Technical parameters
  • Input voltage: 1AC220V±15% 3AC220V±15% 3AC380V±15%.
  • Output power range: 220V: 0.75kW~15kW,380V:1.5kW~15kW.
  • Output frequency: 0~600Hz, custom-made above 600Hz.
  • Input frequency: 47~63Hz, power factor≥95%
  • Control mode: non-PG vector control, V/F control
  • Source of operation instruction: Given by panel, terminal, and RS485 communication.
  • Source of given frequency: Given by panel figure, analog quantity, RS485 serial communications, multi-speed simple PLC and PID, etc.
  • Overload capacity: 130% rated current 60s,150% rated current 3s.
  • Carrier frequency: 1.0kHz~15.0kHz and can be automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristics.
  • Frequency resolution: The given digital value is 0.01Hz, and the analog quantity is given as the highest frequency plus 0.1%.
  • Torque elevation: Manual torque can elevate 0~30%
  • Inching operation: Frequency range:0.0Hz~ Maximum output frequency Inching acceleration and deceleration time:0~3600.0s.
  • Simple PLC and multistage speed operation: It can realize up to 8 segments running.
  • Automatic voltage regulation: When grid voltage fluctuation occurred, it can automatically maintain a constant output voltage.


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