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Fiber Laser Control Card



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Fiber Laser Control Card

A Fiber Laser Control Card can control the whole system for the Laser marking machines and the Laser Engraving machines. The software EZCAD supports carbon dioxide, YAG, IPG, and SPI, and adjusts current, and frequency rates in the Laser software.

  • Use the 25-pin DB25 socket and connect the IPG, YLOP, AND YLPM Laser Module Directly VIA 25-pin cable.
  • adjustable digital/analog output used on scan head.
  • fly function to mark with an encoder connected.
  • extend the axes output: pulse signal used for direction/control stepping motor or auxiliary motor.
  • 25 Routes common digital signals (TTL Compatible), 4 of IO ports can be OC, and IO can connect with the relay.
  • Original start signal: High Speed is required and using it will be the same when marking the content. Compatible with USB2.0


  • Color: green
    Control: fiber laser machine
    Software: EZCAD
    OS: xp /win7 /win8 win10/11 and 32/64 bit
    Includes: control card + software + connector
    Materials: PCB’S
    High lights are carbon dioxide laser controllers


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