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47174 Carbide Tipped Template Cutter Assembly (Replaces Ocemco #TA-170)

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47174 Carbide Tipped Template Cutter Assembly (Replaces Ocemco #TA-170)

E-Z Change™ router bits are an economical alternative to standard router bits. They feature replaceable head carbide tipped cutters, saving you money by replacing only the cutters when the knives become dull, instead of the entire tool. You won’t need a second bit while yours is in the sharpening shop; instead, just change the cutters. You won’t even lose your set-up because the E-Z Change™ cutters can be replaced with the bit in the router collet. The interlocking hex design guarantees that the cutting surfaces will not slip during use.


  • (D) Diameter   1/2
  • (B) Cutting Height    1/2
  • (d) Shank    1/4
  • Length    1-15/16
  • Replacement Bearing  47706
  • Flutes  2

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