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Customize Your Machine


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Great size for the home hobbyist and professional alike. Forget the extruded aluminum toys! Get a professional machine at the same price or lower.

Customize the basic machine to “HAVE IT YOUR WAY!”

Everything is included:

  • Vacuum Worktable
  • Air Cooled 4.2Hp Professional Grade Spindle, 18,000 RPM, ER-25 Collet
  • 5.5kw Regen Vacuum Pump (3 ph)
  • Ballscrew Transmission On Z Azis
  • Rack & Pinion on X,Y Axis
  • Stepper Motor Drives And Motors
  • RichAuto DSP A11 Controller
  • Dust Collector, Shoe and 4″ Hose
  • Sample of clamps
  • Sample of Collets
  • Collet Nut Wrenches
  • Sample of Cutting Bits
  • 1/4″ Steel frame
  • 220v 1ph
  • 12 month warranty
  • Lifetime technical support


  • 4th Axis Rotary built into machine or separate
  • Single Phase Vacuum Pump System
  • Gantry Height up to 12″
  • 8 Tool Auto Tool Change
  • 7-12Hp Air or Water Cooled ATC Spindle
  • Upgraded Spindle Horsepower
  • Upgrade to Servo Drives and Motors
  • Upgrade Control system (Several to choose from)
  • Add a Mister for spraying lubricant on metal during cutting

Additional information

Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 84 × 61 in
Spindle Size

3.5kw Water Cooled, 18,000RPM, 400HZ, 220v

Dust Collector

3.0kw Twin Bag Dust Collector with Dust Shoe included


Available at extra cost

Vacuum Worktable

48" Wide X 48" Deep Combination Slot and Vacuum Worktable 1.2mm (2.5mm at extra cost)

BallScrew & Rack Pinion

Ballscrew Z Axis
Rack & Pinion X,Y Axis

All Ballscrew optional